MagnaFlow Exhaust Systems

One of the leading manufacturers of after market exhaust systems for performance minded car owners is MagnaFlow Exhaust Systems. Most credit MagnaFlow with having a sound that is both aggressive and smooth while still amping the torque of your engine. Materials are high quality, featuring tubing made from stainless steel and constructed with quality welds.

Exhaust Review

Strength and durability are not compromised in this system from MagnaFlow. The uniform shape of the tubing and exhaust pipes is possible using a mandrel to bend and shape the tubing. The mandrel process is superior and provides consistent interior profiles that are free from deformation and kinking. The result is a pipe that works that way it was design – with maximum flow area and airflow volume.

The MagnaFlow system comes with mufflers that are designed with proprietary acoustic absorbing materials. The result is a system that can absorb sound waves with affecting the key notes from the power waves coming from the engine. Since the gas flow from the exhaust is not restricted through the pipe, results from this manufacturing process are optimal.

MagnaFlow Stainless Cat-Back Exhaust System

This budget option comes with a lifetime warranty and high quality stainless steel tubing. The pipes are mandrel bent as is customary for MagnaFlow. The muffler is packed with high power featuring a stainless steel mesh core.

MagnaFlow Cat Black Exhaust System

The steel mesh is quick to heat up and helps to optimize the temperature of the exhaust gas.

Pro-Series MagnaFlow Exhaust System

The Pro-Series is a beautifully finished stainless steel tubing with a satin finished muffler. The tubing is mandrel bent for superior strength and form. The Pro-Series will enhance the exhaust gas flow from your vehicle and improve overall performance.

MagnaFlow Pro Series Stainless Mandrel Bent Exhaust

It is ideal as an entry level diesel system for improving performance. The satin finish and stainless steel muffler provide the ideal tuning for your exhaust system.

Custom-Building Exhaust System

This is a custom built exhaust system that allows you to individualize the components to best suit your vehicle and requirements. Achieve aggressive increases in horsepower and torque by selecting quality parts.

Custom Exhaust System Builder

The system is complete with everything required to assemble a full exhaust system but may require some cutting to suit your specifications.