Honda Civic Type-R 2.0 L VTEC Turbo 4-Cylinder Engine

When management was preparing to launch the tenth-generation version of the popular Honda Civic, they made a decision to use the same Civic platform for every world market. This early distribution decision led to the Civic platform becoming a global standard that would be used for every coupe, sedan, and hatchback in every region and market. The body style that was not available prior to the American market was now coming to the USA. This body style was chiefly the Civic Type R Hatchback.

Honda Civic Type R Turbo Enginer 2L 4-Cylinder

Debuting in other parts of the world in 1997, it has iterated through five generations before finally unleashing its power to US buyers. Starting in 2017, it was possible to buy the Civic Type R with it’s 2.0 L VTEC engine. The engine is packed with performance and considered the most powerful Honda engine to be available to US consumers. The high rpm, 306 horsepower, 4-cylinder turbo engine was an instant fan favorite and received plenty of accolades from Honda enthusiasts. The VTEC engine with a 7,000 rpm redline is capable of a power output of 306 horsepower.

Past editions of the Honda 4-cylinder engine have been designed to run with natural air intake, which made achieving the true potential of the engine difficult to attain out of the box. Built and assembled in Ohio, the aluminum 4-cylinder block is adept at minimizing vibration and contains unwanted buzzing noise effectively.

The Type R engine is equipped with a low inertia turbocharger which products 22.8 psi of extra boost. The peak torque output of 295 ft-lb is found early at 2,500 rpm which effectively eliminates turbo lag. In the lower rpm range, the engine runs in a calm manner and is well suited for daily driving. Thanks in part to a specially designed three-way exhaust system, the engine noise and acoustics are sedated until reaching the higher end of the rpm range.

Honda Civic Type R Turbo Enginer 2L 4-Cylinder

The Civic Type R four-cylinder engine is equipped with intercooling and twin cams for variable valve timing. The original VTEC technology with variable valve lift has been revised with variable cam timing on both the intake and exhaust sides. The original VTEC technology switched to an alternate cam lobe profile at higher rpms. This created the added valve lift and boost at high rpms. The newer version is slightly different with only the exhaust valves utilizing the traditional VTEC function. As opposed to the previous high rpm operation, the revised system uses lower engine speed to open the exhaust valves and outlet exhaust gas into the turbocharger for quicker impact.

As is tradition with Honda, the Civic Type R is rated at 28mpg highway driving and 22 mpg city driving. The fuel-efficient nature of the engine ranks well amongst it’s appears considering the performance output. Other innovative improvements leading to this fuel efficiency include piston cooled oil jets, lighter connecting rods, and a single mass flywheel. All are helping to reduce the rotating inertia and make the engine lighter and more efficient.

Paired with the high performance VTEC turbo engine is the short throw 6 speed transmission. This is the only option available for the Type R and is manually operated and rev matches for better downshifting. While the Civic is front wheel drive, it manages to avoid significant torque steer by incorporating active dampers and a dual axis strut front suspension layout. This allows the Type R to be handled well in any driving situation.

Honda Civic Type R Turbo Enginer 2L 4-Cylinder

The 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder engine from Honda is innovative and fuel efficient. It’s specially tuned performance minded parameters make it unique in the market and unique as well to the Type R since other Civic models have a lesser version or alternate engine altogether. The Civic Type R has a starting base price of $34,000, making it a relatively affordable option among its peers.