Flowmaster Exhaust Systems Review

Flowmaster Exhaust Systems is one of the leading after market performance exhaust manufacturers in the business. Popular performance upgrades include the American Thunder, Force II and the Outlaw.

If you are looking for aggressive performance and an enhanced, raucous acoustic for your vehicle, Flowmaster has many options worth a look. Flowmaster Exhaust Systems are pre-tuned to optimize the performance of your vehicle. The technology that produces the deep roar is either the Delta Flow or Laminar Flow innovation.

Exhaust notes can be custom tuned to perfection, producing a very unique sound. Flowmaster technology has the versatility for both racers, muscle car drivers, and even compact cars. The technology is used in everything from the Air Force for stealth missions to racers hoping to achieve top power gains from there engines.

American Thunder Exhaust System

The American Thunder system is perfect for the big performance engines and produce the classic sound of the American muscle cars. Options are available for a moderate sound to aggressive sound and everything in between including more mild acoustics.

Flowmaster American Thunder

The American Thunder system is typically the most popular system that Flowmaster manufactures. The exhaust system is pre-tuned on a dynamometer and represents the classic American sound of the big engine, high horsepower muscle cars.

The Force II Exhaust System

The Force II exhaust system is better suited to providing sound that is typical of daily driving. The system can produce anywhere from a mild sound to a moderate sound that will be more pleasing decibel level in the long term. The noise level is less likely to become tiresome.

Flowmaster Force II

Select the Force II for commuting to work everyday and doing long distance road trips. The system is also pre-tuned on a dynamometer and designed to fit perfectly to your vehicle.

Flowmaster Outlaw Exhaust System

The Outlaw as its name suggest delivers a sound that is much more powerful and rebellious than the others. Optional tuning between moderate to aggressive sound levels will get you as close as possible to the roar of a race car.

Outlaw Exhuast

It is best to know your local bylaws with regards to noise pollution before this purchase. It is not uncommon for the decibel level to be illegal in some locations. The system is ideal for common vehicles despite using high end race worthy components.